Employment Opportunities

Assistant Treasurer

Ottoville Local Schools

Job Description: Assistant Treasurer

Supervisors:  Treasurer/CFO   

Job Objective:  Responsible for assuring efficient operation of the payroll and benefit obligations of the district.  Also to efficiently perform the duties including accounts receivable/payables as related to the operations of the district.  Established for the purpose of providing administrative support to the Treasurer; ensuring accurate attendance accounting; monitoring assigned activities; and providing information, recommendations and/or direction as requested by the Treasurer and/or ultimately the Board of Education.

Qualifications: Must have the following credentials and qualifications to be an employee at Ottoville Local Schools:

  • High school diploma or equivalent 

  • Higher education preferred

  • Experienced accounting background

  • Strong work ethic 

  • Demonstrates a positive pattern of attendance

  • Must pass criminal background check (BCI and FBI) 

  • Employee shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substances in the work place during time of employment.  

  • Alternatives to the above qualifications as the Treasurer and/or Board of Education may find appropriate.

FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 

  • Ability to work cooperatively and respectfully with staff, students, and the public

  • Demonstrates reliability, timeliness and good attendance

  • Demonstrates the knowledge to work with extensive district computer programs

  • Maintains a positive work attitude

  • Develops mutually respectful relationships with co-workers

  • Functions as part of a cohesive team

  • Organizes tasks and manages time effectively 

  • Ability to communicate appropriately and effectively with Treasurer, district staff, students and the general public. 

  • Knowledge of methods, materials, and equipment used in an office setting.  

  • Understands and correctly carries out oral and written instructions.

  • Establishes and maintains effective professional relationships with those contacted in the course of work. 

  • Makes generalizations, evaluations, or decisions without immediate supervision. 

  • Maintains work pace appropriate to the given workload

  • Ability to operate office equipment relevant to job tasks

  • Ability to perform basic math calculations and handle cash accurately. 

  • Keyboarding skills and the ability to learn and use district and state computer software. 

  • Ability to multi-task and meet varying deadlines regularly. 

Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

  1. Is able to take directives from Treasurer and perform tasks assigned. 

  2. Can work as a team and independently.  Has the capability to complete assigned tasks and move on to tasks that need to be completed that are not assigned.  

  3. Meet and interact with employees in routine situations which require tact, discretion and courtesy.  

  4. Be familiar with all board policies and guidelines in order to assist the Treasurer in the enforcement of these policies.  

  5. Establish, maintain and monitor accurate, neat and efficient electronic and manual filing systems. 

  6. Assist the Treasurer in all phases of school accounting procedures including but not limited to; payroll, accounts payables/receivables, bank reconciliation, daily banking and reporting. 

  7. Ability to handle confidential information with complete security.  

  8. Gather and prepare appropriate attendance/accounting information. 

  9. Keep staff personnel records updated. 

  10. Stay abreast of changes in mandates and rules with regard to STRS, SERS, Ohio Department of Education, Bureau of Worker’s Compensation. 

  11. Maintains school inventory. 

  12. Stay abreast and have a working knowledge of union contracts as related to staff payroll, attendance and benefits.  

  13. Keep up to date with and have an experienced knowledge of computers and software as related to duties of the position. 

  14. Such other duties as assigned by the Treasurer.   

Workplace Considerations

Exposure to the following situations may range from remote to frequent based on circumstances and factors that may not be predictable.

  • Potential for exposure to blood borne pathogens and communicable diseases. 

  • Potential for interaction with disruptive and/or unruly individuals.  

  • Requires the following physical demands:  some lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and significant fine finger dexterity. 

  • Generally the job requires 80% sitting, 10% walking and 10% standing. 

  • Duties may require operating and/or riding in a vehicle. 

  • Duties may extend beyond the normal work hours of the district.

  • Duties will take place primarily onsite within the building or grounds.  Occasional trips offsite may be required at the discretion of the Treasurer.  

  • Frequent trips to banking facilities may be required.

Job Performance: 

Evaluation will be according to Ottoville Local School’s policy provisions and contractual agreements.

The Ottoville Local School District Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.  This job description summary does not imply that these are the only duties to be performed.  This job description is subject to change in response to funding variables, emerging technologies, improved operating procedures, productivity factor, and unforeseen events.

Please submit Resumes by December 19, 2022 

Please send resume to: 

Bob Weber, Treasurer

[email protected]

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